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Cayman Code


Metajive / CK / Porsche

Services Provided:

Mobile app development

Technologies Used:

The Cayman code app gives the user the ability to experience two types of events often found at the race track. The first is skill-based which includes Slalom, Braking and Autocross. The second event type is run challenges (g-force and time scoring). Both event types allow the user to compete against other users and battle for the top spot on the world-wide leaderboard. The app utilizes location data and other metrics to map the users run and display an overview with relevant data points (time, number of curves, etc..). In addition to the events found within the app their is also a section devoted to explaining more about the 2013 Porsche Cayman and the TV show that is currently airing on SpeedTV.


This project contained many interesting challenges around location-aware data and mapping technologies. In addition the client needed a method to keep elements of the app easily updatable without the need for an app update.

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