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Nike Tech Pack


Metajive / Hybrid / Nike

Services Provided:

Mobile app development

Technologies Used:

We were given the amazing opportunity to work with Metajive and Hybrid to develop a unique Newsstand iOS app that coincided with a product launch. Users of the app can navigate the product line and consume interactive content, in addition they can learn details about the featured athletes and sports showcased in the line. The PixelBit team helped develop a hybrid HTML experience that sits atop an iOS shell. This allows the client to produce new issues without needing to update the app in the App store. In addition, they can create much more immersive experiences, than you'd find in a PDF driven Newsstand application.


This projects main challenges sat within the HTML engine that was custom developed for this app, this allows the client to manage the issues in the core app and not require users to update or do anything. Once a user subscribes, the issues are posted automatically to their Newsstand app, ready for consumption.

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